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Happy Faces

By: Anonymous

At a loud, trendy restaurant, my most beloved friends and I drank sangria and passed plates of paella and assorted tapas around the table all while cracking each other up with our special brand of inane humor. It was my 22nd birthday, and I couldn’t believe my luck. I felt the warmth and giddiness of being surrounded by people who loved me for me and who I loved for them. Yet amid the images illuminated by the soft glow of white Christmas lights and accompanied by sultry flamenco music also exist memories of secrecy.

Little did these bright and beautiful faces know that a few days earlier, I’d terminated a pregnancy.

The weeks leading up to the event were at once frenetic and calm. I’d taken what seemed like 20 home-pregnancy tests perched over toilets in various coffee shops and my friend’s home, plus at least three tests at the clinic. The final clinic test confirmed it. “You are pregnant,” said the young, pretty doctor with ...

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Handling the Pain

By: Anonymous

I remember many details of November 17, 2001 so vividly. It was mid-afternoon, and my friend’s mom had just dropped me back home after a junior high school fundraising event. I was making pancakes for lunch when my dad came into the kitchen. Even though he was calm and in control as usual, I could tell that his entrance would deliver bad news.

He told me what I had perhaps always expected but, in reality, never accepted. My mother had just passed away. She had been sick for the past seven years, spending the last year of her life at home in hospice care. “I’m so sorry,” I whispered. I’m not sure why I said it. The last thing I owed anyone was an apology. He hugged me tightly as I cried. When I let go, he returned to my mom’s bedside. I sat outside in the living room for hours with my head in my hands, alternating between episodes of uncontrollable trembling and calmed sniffling as our family doctor arrived, as the paramedics arri...

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