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Vanessa A. Yee | Director, Producer

Vanessa A. Yee was born in Philadelphia, PA and raised in Los Angeles, CA. She is a third-generation Chinese American who loves to work within fiction and non-fiction, especially when those lines are blurred. While double majoring in Communications and History at UC San Diego, Vanessa discovered filmmaking as the perfect medium for pursuing these passions: to challenge stereotypes of the underrepresented; to tell stories that inform and inspire; and to aid the oppressed, poor, neglected and the needy. Since then, she has had tremendous opportunities to work with veteran documentarians, Film Independent’s Project:Involve, urban youth and transitional housing for the homeless.

During her time at UCLA’s MFA Directing program, she has directed two narrative shorts and several documentary shorts. Most notably, she created documentary shorts with funding from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation [GREATER EXPECTATIONS (2010) and CELEBRATE (2010)] and commissioned by Documentary Voices Film Festival in Dubai. Along the way, she has received the Edie and Lew Wasserman Production Fellowship and the Mary Pickford awards, given to UCLA MFA candidates for artistic merit and achievement in the field of documentary.

Frances E. Chang | Producer

As a first-generation American-born Chinese raised in Southern California, Frances E. Chang is a skilled filmmaker who has worked in the industry across California. She found filmmaking while attending UC Berkeley. After moving back to the Los Angeles area in 2009, Frances worked for Cape Cod Films, LLC., participating in the distribution and marketing for multi-festival winner WILD ABOUT HARRY (2010), at the Cannes Film Festival & Market. Since then, Frances has produced multiple short films for Film Independent’s Project:Involve, produced her first feature film, NIGHTDREAMBLUES, and quickly followed that with her second feature, THE LOVELY REJECTS. As a freelance producer and writer, Frances works on music videos and narrative and documentary shorts and features.

Judy Phu | Director of Photography

Judy is a filmmaker currently based in Los Angeles via Boston and Oakland.

Her time at UC Berkeley gave her a background in rhetoric, the visual arts, and theater, which informs her filmmaking. As a cinematographer, she loves camera operating, natural lighting and mixed color temperatures. Most of all, she loves collaborating with talented directors on great, complex stories. This has helped her easily move through the independent and the commercial, and the narrative and documentary worlds, with credits that include Nike, Joan Churchill, CurrentTV, and more.

Esther Julie-Anne | Editor

Esther grew up in Southern France and she moved to the U.S at age 16. Before UCLA, Esther studied Film at UC Berkeley. While there, she made a short documentary about Carl Pennypacker’s astronomy program for blind children. Esther recently co-edited the documentary SOMETHING’S GONNA LIVE, by Oscar-nominated director Daniel Raim, and has since edited UNA CHANZA MÁS, a feature documentary about two brothers who are ex-gang members, hoping to become firefighters. Esther currently works as a freelance camera operator and editor for major French television networks such as Arte, M6 and France3.

Christina Sun Kim | Story Consultant

Christina has called Minnesota, Korea, and Texas home, before settling in Los Angeles. Shortly after studying film at The University of Texas in Austin, she became the editor of TATTOOED UNDER FIRE (2009), a critically acclaimed PBS documentary about Iraq-bound soldiers and veterans. She also worked on a number of independent documentaries, such as CITIZEN ARCHITECT (Official Selection, 2010 SXSW). Her directing credits include the following documentary shorts: FOR ME AND HIM, which aired on KLRU, Austin’s PBS station, and DREAMS IN ALL SIZES, which aired on the Documentary Channel on Direct TV. At UCLA’s MFA Directing program she edited a documentary short, BURNING THE MIDNIGHT OIL, which was sponsored by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

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