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Here at, we're all about creating a safe space. You can read stories of other Asian Americans' struggles with silence, and you can write your own. Here in the forums, you can share feelings and experiences in a more casual environment. forums allows you to discuss your emotions, let off steam, ask questions, and bounce ideas off of other people and us.

Before posting, please read our Terms and Conditions's forums are a safe space. To keep it that way, please abide the following guidelines.


DO be respectful, encouraging, and open-minded. The more kindness you show to another person's posts, the stronger our support system grows.

DO ask questions. If you're not sure how this forum works, e-mail [EMAIL ADDRESS].

DO feel free to remain anonymous.

DO realize that by sharing your feelings, you're helping other people, even if they don't speak up.


DON'T make fun of, attack, or slander another person.

DON'T be judgmental toward another person's posts.

For safety reasons, DON'T divulge your address, phone number, or other information that might put yourself at risk.

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At The Laundromat is a supportive online community that exists to challenge the taboo of talking. We welcome you to air your dirty laundry – your past, your emotions, your fears, and your questions – in a safe space. ATL is also an online extension of Vanessa A. Yee’s documentary featuring young Asian Americans breaking the silence that takes hold of their lives and their families. So speak. Write. We’ll listen.

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